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MPV Hire Sharjah

MPV Car Hire Sharjah is a flexible and low cost way to travel. No matter how many people are in your group we can fit them in with anything from six seater vehicles to 12 person people carriers. If you want an MPV hire Sharjah vehicle with GPS then you can rent the seven seater Ford Espace, while the Vauxhall Zafira is also a popular multi purpose vehicle. While many of our customers are tourists who are going on family holidays and require a spacious MPV, we also rent out minivans for business purposes. Whether you need a van to do a job or an MPV for corporate travel, MPV hire Sharjah is affordable. 


Sharjah is so much more than splendid beaches, everlasting sunshine and the finest luxury resorts. It's not yet another copy and paste version of U.A.E success and fashionable tourist recreation. In fact it's the only of all emirates to take their rich traditions so seriously as to completely ban alcohol everywhere (including hotels). Explore beyond the resorts to discover why this place is so culturally fascinating and historically rich as to have been declared Arab Capital of Culture by UNESCO.

Introducing Sharjah

A presumably unassuming emirate standing right to the big, attention-seeking Dubai, Sharjah may not be the most well-known part of the U.A.E but it certainly deserves attention. Not only is its thriving capital the third-largest and most populous in the emirates but it's the only one of them to have been recognised by UNESCO and declared "Arab Capital of Culture". With this distinction also comes the obligatory holiday plan of devoting at least a few hours to exploring its rich heritage areas, as well as browsing its historical souqs and museums.

But of course, most people come to Sharjah to experience a quieter, more relaxed alternative to Dubai while being less than 40 minutes away from all of its attractions. In fact combining the cultural wonders of conservative Sharjah with Dubai's fast-paced city glamour makes for an ideal twin-centre holiday escape where you get the best of both worlds: old world charm and Arabic traditions that have been immaculately preserved for centuries plus trendy city life with lively bars, fun entertainment options and buzzing restaurants.

The only downside to Sharjah is that as the most conservative of all emirates it's the only one that remains fully "dry" in the sense that alcohol is not served anywhere (not even in hotels) so if booze is important to the enjoyment of your holiday perhaps any of the other emirates would be more suitable, which is why we strongly recommend this destination be combined with another neighbouring one like Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah to get the best of both worlds in one single multi-centre holiday.

Incredibly rich heritage as Arab Capital of Culture

Sharjah is immensely proud of its heritage and rightly so, as it contains several historical and cultural landmarks for history buffs to peruse at ease. The best starting point for discovering the emirate's heritage treasures is the Heritage District of the capital city (also named Sharjah).
This is where you'll find the impressive Al-Hisn Fort and Museum and not too far from there you'll also find the Sharjah Heritage Museum, the Sharjah Archaeology Museum, the Sharjah Caligraphy Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Sharjah Science Museum.
On the Al Majarrah area stands the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation, housing an exquisite collection of Islamic artefacts from around the world in spacious areas and galleries. Many picturesque souqs like the Al Arsah Souq complete the kaleidoscopic picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the local currency and what currency should I take?
The local currency is the United Arab Emirates dirham (AED). Shopping around will help you get the best exchange rate before you travel. Cards are readily accepted in Sharjah, though it's important to carry cash if you plan to use a taxi, just in case they don't have a card machine (though many do).

How easy is it to get from Sharjah to Dubai?
There are frequent bus services (routes 307 and A307) between Sharjah and Dubai - these run roughly every 20 minutes. Alternatively, if you hire a car you can drive the distance in approximately 40 minutes.

Can I combine Sharjah with the Indian Ocean?
Thanks to Sharjah's location near Dubai International Airport, it's very easy to combine holidays to Sharjah with other parts of the world. It makes a natural partner to a holiday in the Indian Ocean, as it allows you to break up the journey by spending a week or so in Sharjah before continuing on to a beach destination like the Maldives.

MPV Rentals Sharjah – Most Popular Makes and Models

We offer a great range of MPV rentals in Sharjah from budget to high-end models to suit all of our customer needs, whether you need maximum seating capacity or the lowest price, we’re sure to have an MPV rental car in Sharjah to suit your needs. The most popular MPV models to rent in Sharjah include;

6,7,8 and 9 Seater Car Hire Sharjah

Multi purpose vehicles are great for all occasions where you need to transport multiple persons such as weddings or sporting events. If you and your friends want to hire out an MPV to see a big match or have a fun stag party, we recommend that you book at least two months in advance. As availability will be better then you will get cheaper MPV hire Sharjah rates. The summer, Christmas and Easter holidays are our busiest MPV hire Sharjah times so plan your reservation accordingly.

You can choose from the latest makes of vehicle by companies like Toyota, Ford and Suzuki. All cars come with excellent AC so that there is no need to get hot and bothered with a lot of people in the car. Prices of just 150 dollars per week are also fully inclusive of all your insurance needs such as a CDW and liability cover. Multi purpose vehicles are so popular because of their versatility and reliability that they make the perfect vehicle for any vacation. Book now for great prices on MPV hire Sharjah.

MPV Rentals in Sharjah – Class-Leading Suppliers

If you’re renting an MPV in Sharjah, you can choose between leading international and local trusted rental suppliers in Sharjah such as , , and .

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