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MPV Hire Morocco

MPV hire Morocco allows you to rent low-cost multi purpose vehicles over the internet. We have all sorts of affordable people carriers and our rates are unbeatable. You just log on and with the click of a mouse we can give you an MPV rental quote which is sure to put a smile on your face.

You can book a car to transport anywhere between five and 12 passengers and we even offer minivans like the Toyota 12 seater. But the most popular cars are vehicles like the Mercedes Vito five door and the Volkswagen Sharan five door. You can hire MPVs in Morocco and Morocco as we have a wide reaching global marketplace.

Things to do in Morocco

The gateway to Africa is an ancient land full of natural and historical wonders, enhanced by captivating culture and mesmerising sights, sounds and smells. You'll find endless things to do in Morocco, whether you're traversing an ancient medina, haggling in a souk, clambering in the Atlas Mountains or feasting on some local delicacies, this is a country that keeps on giving.

There are Morocco attractions to suit every type of traveller, from culture and history fanatics to health hunters, natural landscape traversers to mint tea sippers. The country will keep couples and families enthralled until the end of their trip, offering equal quantities of romance and fun.

Wine and Dine

Moroccan food is one of the tastiest and most imaginative cuisines in the world, and has become present across the entire world. But to indulge in the succulent lamb dishes, spicy tagines and delicate couscous flavours within the cities of Morocco is the ultimate experience for lovers of this wonderful culinary scene. Fez, Marrakech and Rabat are home to the most diverse cuisines on offer, providing more than just the local flavours. Restaurant Assala is one of the best local joints in Fez, Ksar Es Saoussan gets rave reviews in Marrakech, while Tajine et Tanjia is the place to go in Rabat for, well, tagines.

There is a great cafe culture in Morocco, or tea house culture if you want to be precise. Marrakech is arguably one of the best places to sip on a tasty mint tea, especially around the main square, Jemaa El-Fna. It is also in this square where a haven of street food stalls spring into action every evening, offering a variety of cheap eats.

Action and Adventure

Those seeking a little dose of adventure will find a number of things to do in Morocco to please their inner explorer. From Marrakech visitors will be able to embrace several different activities, most of which explore the surrounding landscapes. Camel trekking in the sand dunes or hiking in the Atlas Mountains are very popular trips that can be arranged in the city.

On the coast, the charming seaside town of Essaouira will keep water sports enthusiasts occupied, especially those into their surfing. There are a number of ways that adventurers can embrace the strong breeze here, whether through kitesurfing, windsurfing or standard surfing. For a slightly different type of thrill, take to the giant medina of Fez and get lost in an endless maze of spice, colour and banter.

Couples Holiday

Morocco boasts a unique romantic vibe, consisting of ancient architecture and vibrant culture with stunning natural vistas and glorious pampering. Couples will revel in these Morocco attractions, proving the perfect place for more adventurous loved ones to delve into on a weekend break or summer holiday. The beautiful, blue-washed town of Chefchaouen is in itself a stunning place to wander hand-in-hand. But it is the surrounding hills, valleys and mountains that elevate this destination to a romanticist's paradise.

If the mountains aren't for you, then perhaps the beach is. Take your loved one to the pretty shores of Tetouan or Essaouira and embrace the sand and sea together, or alternatively settled down for a longer stay in one of Marrakech's superb riads and enjoy some joint pamper sessions.

Culture Vulture

Those hunting for history and culture will never run out of things to do in Morocco, a country awash with unique cultural attractions and historical landmarks. One great way to capture the flavour of the country's historical ideals is by wandering around one of its many UNESCO World Heritage Site medinas found in Marrakech, Fez, Tetouan and Essaouira.

Meanwhile, the modern and laidback city of Meknes is free from bustling crowds yet is equally as appealing to culture vultures as Fez and Marrakech. The city is an interesting blend of European and Islamic cultures, while the preserved ancient city of Ouarzazate, considered the capital of the south, feels like a desert-based fantasy land.

Recharge and Relax

Those heading to the country to help charge their dwindling batteries with find plenty of relaxation embedded in several Morocco attractions. The country is famed for its hammams, or steam baths to those unfamiliar with their concept. The pampering, scrubbing and massage treatments will get you on your way to a peak state of tranquillity.

Outside of Marrakech the beautiful waterfalls found at Cascade d'Ouzoud will prove to be a great place to relax with an afternoon picnic or cool down in the natural pools at the foot of the falls, while a retreat to the beaches of Casablanca will allow you to live a Hollywood-esque lifestyle, if just for a week or so.

MPV Rentals Morocco – Most Popular Makes and Models

We offer a great range of MPV rentals in Morocco from budget to high-end models to suit all of our customer needs, whether you need maximum seating capacity or the lowest price, we’re sure to have an MPV rental car in Morocco to suit your needs. The most popular MPV models to rent in Morocco include;

6,7,8 and 9 Seater Car Hire Morocco

Multi purpose vehicles were created to give enough space to adults travelling with multiple children as well as holiday luggage. That makes them the perfect choice of vacation vehicle, especially as we offer extra baggage racks if you have a lot of belongings. There will be no need to argue about who sits where as MPV hire Morocco gives you the ultimate in flexible seating arrangements.

We can also provide families who have young children with infant seats, booster seats and child seats so that not only are you comfortable but also safe. We have a huge range of choice from a wide range of locations and you can pick up your multi purpose vehicles at major airports, cities and towns all around the world. As well as being practical, our cars drive really well and you will be able to make your journey in the quickest time possible.

To give you a good start we make sure that all of our MPVs have a full tank of gas when we hand them over to you. Book now for amazing deals on MPV hire Morocco.

MPV Rentals in Morocco – Class-Leading Suppliers

If you’re renting an MPV in Morocco, you can choose between leading international and local trusted rental suppliers in Morocco such as , , and .