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We offer an excellent range of Multi Purpose Vehicles for hire at the lowest prices

MPV Hire Jordan

MPV hire Jordan allows you to rent low-cost multi purpose vehicles over the internet. We have all sorts of affordable people carriers and our rates are unbeatable. You just log on and with the click of a mouse we can give you an MPV rental quote which is sure to put a smile on your face.

You can book a car to transport anywhere between five and 12 passengers and we even offer minivans like the Toyota 12 seater. But the most popular cars are vehicles like the Mercedes Vito five door and the Volkswagen Sharan five door. You can hire MPVs in Jordan and Jordan as we have a wide reaching global marketplace.

Discover the Dead Sea in Jordan

Framed by striking mountains and the hills of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea is a majestic destination offering a great getaway for holidaymakers, whether you're looking to examine its rich cultural history or relax on the sands of its tranquil beaches.

Holidays to Jordan have long been an attractive choice for holidaymakers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Leave your stresses and strains on the shore as you bathe in the restorative waters of Jordan's Dead Sea, the high salt content allows you to float effortlessly without sinking, providing a unique experience.

Cultural Diversity

While it has become a hotspot for those looking to enhance their wellbeing, there are still plenty of sightseeing opportunities for your trip, with Jordan in particular boasting excellent historical sites waiting to be discovered. Pay a visit to the culturally diverse city of Amman, buzzing with people, this modern city is a far cry from traditional bazaars and dilapidated buildings. Instead, experience a burgeoning nightlife scene of clubs, bars and shisha lounges.

Adventure-seekers are well catered for, with Aqaba Gulf serving as one of the best diving destinations on the planet and boasting over 1,200 species of fish beneath its surface. For exploration on land, embark on a thrill-inducing desert tour through Petra's vast landscapes.


MPV Rentals Jordan – Most Popular Makes and Models

We offer a great range of MPV rentals in Jordan from budget to high-end models to suit all of our customer needs, whether you need maximum seating capacity or the lowest price, we’re sure to have an MPV rental car in Jordan to suit your needs. The most popular MPV models to rent in Jordan include;

6,7,8 and 9 Seater Car Hire Jordan

Multi purpose vehicles were created to give enough space to adults travelling with multiple children as well as holiday luggage. That makes them the perfect choice of vacation vehicle, especially as we offer extra baggage racks if you have a lot of belongings. There will be no need to argue about who sits where as MPV hire Jordan gives you the ultimate in flexible seating arrangements.

We can also provide families who have young children with infant seats, booster seats and child seats so that not only are you comfortable but also safe. We have a huge range of choice from a wide range of locations and you can pick up your multi purpose vehicles at major airports, cities and towns all around the world. As well as being practical, our cars drive really well and you will be able to make your journey in the quickest time possible.

To give you a good start we make sure that all of our MPVs have a full tank of gas when we hand them over to you. Book now for amazing deals on MPV hire Jordan.

MPV Rentals in Jordan – Class-Leading Suppliers

If you’re renting an MPV in Jordan, you can choose between leading international and local trusted rental suppliers in Jordan such as , , and .

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