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You can book a car to transport anywhere between five and 12 passengers and we even offer minivans like the Toyota 12 seater. But the most popular cars are vehicles like the Mercedes Vito five door and the Volkswagen Sharan five door. You can hire MPVs in Jordan and Jordan as we have a wide reaching global marketplace.



Often overlooked in travellers' Middle Eastern journeys, Jordan is a fascinatingly rare gem that no serious wanderluster should underestimate, with a wealth of attractions that few places on earth can match. From its mind-boggling city of Petra (possibly the Middle East's most compelling place) to its ancient Roman ruins, powerful biblical sites, Crusader castles and diverse Arab culture, Jordan could easily be described as a place that typically only exists in dreams or in the imagination.

Introducing Jordan

Dubbed the Middle East's most dramatic "Lost City" because of its powerful mix of ancient sites and rare ruins, Jordan stands out as one of the few places in the world where visitors can follow the trails of different civilisations.

In the old city of Petra, once a Nabataean city, you can still find amazing remnants of an enchanting bygone era. From imposing facades to its most famous ruin, the Khazneh, a temple whose intricate design looks more like an Idiana Jones' movie prop than a real work of astounding craftsmanship, is one of the most stunning elaborate edifications that you'll get to see in your lifetime.

Elsewhere in Jordan there's still so much to see and do. Explore Jerash, the site home to the ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Gerasa, considered one of the most important and best preserved Roman cities in the Middle East. Re-enact a chapter of the bible in your imagination when you go to the brook where Jesus was baptised and gaze in wonderment as locals in full-flowing robes go past you leading their herds of livestock across the desert. Jordan is that place where you can make the stuff you've read in books and seen in movies come to live in a spectacularly mind-blowing way.

The "Lost City" - ancient ruins, biblical places and castles

Jordan's ancient town of Petra is undoubtedly its most radiant gem with no other site in the country, or indeed in the whole world, comparing to it. Bring plenty of free memory space on your camera and camcorder because in the "lost city" of Petra you'll want to capture every nook and cranny.

Beyond Petra's incomparable appeal as a 3rd century BC Arab settlement, you can find plenty of ancient sites to astonish and delight you. After re-living important biblical scenes when you visit the mountain-top from where Moses saw the Promised Land or the fortress where John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod, you can head to Jerash to witness the "Pompeii of the East", a remarkably preserved Roman city, one of the ten biggest Roman settlements in the world.

If all this doesn't quench your thirst for ancient discovery how about heading to Kerak, a city in Jordan that is famous for its crusader castle after which the city was named. One of the three larger castles in the region, it lies on a place that was once a Kingdom, rising on a hilltop that stands at about 1000 metres above sea level. A striking sight to contemplate, this castle boasts amazing views over the Dead Sea and is surrounded by a valley on three sides. If crusader castles are your thing there are two more to discover in Jordan; the Montreal and Vaux Moise.

Unique desert adventures and paradisiacal wadis

If after all the wandering around ancient castles, lost cities, antique sites and vast stretches of desert you're in need of a refreshing break to take it all in, Jordan has some beautiful natural wonders where you can take a much-needed rest and enjoy at a more leisurely pace.

From the shimmering blue hues of the coral-filled Gulf of Aqaba, to palm-filled oasis and the quiet Dead Sea, there are many tranquil natural sites that will take your breath away. The Wadi Rum for example can easily be the highlight of any visit to Jordan, with the most extraordinary desert scenery you'll ever lay eyes on. Expect dramatic colours that change according to the angle of the sun and a galaxy of stars at night. This is the place to linger on for a day or two and admire rare natural beauty at its best.

Festivals in Jordan

While the weather is always an important consideration when planning your trip, you may also like to coincide your holiday with one of Jordan's fascinating cultural or religious festivals. Below are a selection of events to consider:
Amman International Theatre Festival — This annual April event features showcases the country's theatrical talent with performances in both Arabic and English and is the ideal way for culture enthusiasts to get a taste of Jordan's take on the arts.
Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts — Celebrated in August, at the height of summer, this fabulous festival of the arts is held amid the ruins of the 2,000-year-old city of Jerash and features a fun mix of music, dance, arts and crafts, and poetry.
Eid Al-Fitr — Marking the end of Ramadan, this is one of the most festive moments of the year for Jordanian Muslims and a great chance for visitors to sample a selection of the region's best cuisine.

6,7,8 and 9 Seater Car Hire Jordan

Multi purpose vehicles were created to give enough space to adults travelling with multiple children as well as holiday luggage. That makes them the perfect choice of vacation vehicle, especially as we offer extra baggage racks if you have a lot of belongings. There will be no need to argue about who sits where as MPV hire Jordan gives you the ultimate in flexible seating arrangements.

We can also provide families who have young children with infant seats, booster seats and child seats so that not only are you comfortable but also safe. We have a huge range of choice from a wide range of locations and you can pick up your multi purpose vehicles at major airports, cities and towns all around the world. As well as being practical, our cars drive really well and you will be able to make your journey in the quickest time possible.

To give you a good start we make sure that all of our MPVs have a full tank of gas when we hand them over to you. Book now for amazing deals on MPV hire Jordan.

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